Fine Plus Co., Ltd.

Fine Plus Co., Ltd. is an export specialized company,
providing high quality products for our customers
as an excellent manufacturing and marketing company

This company is a global company that exports to several
countries of southeast Asia, such as China, Vietnam, Malaysia,
Thailand, Russia, and Mongol, as well as marketing in domestic.

You can feel the difference.

Able to make an effort for the little difference

Fineplus Cometics

Feeling the small difference, struggling to make the small difference,

and striving to increase the brightness of the display that we see all the time (luminance),

is the amount of time and effort that can not be spent on development.

The small difference, the effort for the small difference, the raw material and

the ingredients, the mix and the small differences in development and production,

and the positive efforts and time for the small difference, are recognized with distinction

That small gap has helped us to target professional distribution and export businesses

in both the domestic and overseas markets, not individual Viral Marketing of similar products in Korea.