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We feel a little difference.
Fineplus Cometics to make the effort for that little difference

To feel a small difference, to strive for that small difference, to increase the brightness (brightness) of the display we are always looking at by 2%, the amount of time, manpower, and amount invested in development is an unimaginable size, Without efforts, there is no current development.

The small difference, the effort for the small difference, the raw material and the ingredient, the content, the small difference in the formulation and the development and the production, and the effort and time of FinePlus for that small difference, It is recognized that the small difference is not the individual Viral Marketing of similar products in Korea, but it is a driving force to strive to become a professional distribution and export company in both domestic and overseas markets.


FINE PLUS CO., LTD. Is an export company specialized in exporting high quality products to customers. Currently, we are a global company exporting to Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand Russia, Mongolia and many other Southeast Asian countries.


  • 2018.03 Signed a contract with 本木宇商贸三河有限公司
  • 2017.11 N:skeraphy trademark registration
  • 2017.10 FDA Approved
  • 2017.09Registered as a venture company
  • 2017.09Co-research with Korea CosPack
  • 2017.08Registered cosmetics manufacturing and sales business
  • 2017.07ISO certification registration 9001/14001
  • 2017.07Acquired certification for research & development department
  • 2017.02Established Fine Plus Co., Ltd.


  • (+82) 42-535-0902
  • 82) 42-535-0901
  • ceo@fineplus.net
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