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N:Skeraphy peptide up volume essence

A time when skin is competitive
Increase the value of skin with a single bottle of essence.

The beginning of clear and transparent skin confidence

so that N:Skeraphy can return to its original good skin It is a compound word meaning cosmetics that care.


Vigorousness and vitality to tired skin rich in various functions and nutrition! Aging wrinkle / facial wrinkle improvement / skin high moisturizing / Enhance firmness / improve whitening / skin volume contour

A feeling of rich feeling

Contains high concentration of peptide complex Providing various functions and nutrition

Smart Skin Care

Complete every care with one product ALL IN ONE

High safety

89,000 Won

Big size

100ml / As fast as expected product effect !!


Extra expensive functional ingredients, generous addition of Enscale, unique secret recipe recipes, scientific proportions of skin thought!



APEP COMPLEX-6 (6,000ppb 함유)

The content (%) of PEPTIDE is not important but the synergistic effect with concentration (ppb) is important.

  • Capper tripeptide-1 (1,000ppb) Tripeptide-1's capper complex is a component of skin moisturizing protein that keeps your skin moist.
  • Hexapeptide-9 & hexapeptide-11 (1,000ppb / 1,000ppb) Facial muscle relaxation, wrinkles, elasticity, regeneration, blocking of neurotransmitters, damaged skin care
  • Tripeptide-1 (1,000 ppb) Skin elasticity, anti-aging
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 Palmitoyl Tripeptide-4 (1,000ppb / 1,000ppb) It relieves the dryness of the skin and protects the skin. It also strengthens the skin's natural ability to form collagen and smoothes skin texture.


As a luxury raw material borin Skin Care

  • Saponin and plant sterol extracted from the raw material of Seedama, France, a comprehensive cosmetics raw material company, are safety ingredients that do not cause hormonal activity, and are a component that helps in the maintenance of milk fat and volume.
  • VolusilineTM 100% of France Sederma with world-related patents Registered as an international patent component in USA, Europe and Japan


Controlling the content of centella ash extract considering skin irritation, strengthening natural moisturizing membrane, Helps to calm damaged skin The key to skin care

  • Helps to strengthen the soothing and moisturizing skin of stressed and nutrient-depleted skin Mild plants in the coast of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar Ingredients extracted from centella asiatica plants from nature
  • Helps to calm stressed skin and enhance moisturization by bringing centipedes extract of herb garden, the secret ingredient of Madagascar's native people


It is a ingredient that helps prevent melanin from moving to the epidermis and prevent pigmentation by using a whitening functional ingredient.



It is a ingredient to help improve wrinkles and strengthen elasticity by promoting the synthesis of collagen in the dermal layer of the skin.



Moisture, do not move! A ceramide that keeps moisture inside the skin tightly. Helps reduce skin elasticity, wrinkle, keratinization and dryness

  • Ceramides are present between the keratinocytes, helping to keep the skin from getting dry.

White mushroom


An ancient beauty's skin secret ingredient, white-necked mushroom

Keep your skin supple, smooth and more elastic

  • The white mushroom is a component that helps protect the skin for a long time by forming a natural, flexible bubble film on the skin.
  • It is the ingredient that helps the skin elasticity by preventing the skin from shrinking and relaxing softly in the most ideal moisture-containing condition.

Pearl extract


Contains precious pearl ingredients, helps skin to vigorously, and provides rich nutrition and moisture to help maintain more elasticity

  • The pearl cone protein ingredient is similar to the skin moisturizing factor NMF structure and has excellent skin-affinity. It is rich in amino acids and peptides
  • Light effect of pearl extract helps dull skin brightening effect
  • Contiki Olinda Helps to replenish the water in each layer to help skin grow

How to use

  • Pump the product in an appropriate amount and spread it gently on the face.
  • Wait 30 seconds for the oxygen bubble to occur.
  • When the oxygen bubble gets enough, it is absorbed like a massage by beating lightly.




POLLUSTOP (120,000ppb – 1%함유)

Another invisible skin barrier protects your skin against pollutants and fine dust in the city

  • A second skin concept that creates an invisible protective film from the film produced by drying the Polus tow taken from anionic polysaccharide sorbitol.
  • It is a natural moisturizer obtained by fermentation method. It protects the skin from stress caused by various harmful substances in the city and protects its health by forming an invisible protective film to block air pollutants and fine dusts.


24K GOLD (120,000ppb – 1%함유)

Contains precious pure gold ingredients to aid in the cleansing of skin, helping to keep skin alive and clean

  • It is known as an effective ingredient for skin cleansing, and it helps to keep the skin clean with raw materials for cosmetic and edible purposes.
  • Gold also helps skin care and anti-aging, as well as cellulite decomposition, making it a slim line. Recently, it has been appreciated for its use in obesity management.
  • The weak current generated by the gold is similar to the current flowing in our body, which activates the metabolism and has the effect of regenerating the skin function


Moisture Protection Up to moisture and antioxidant effect UP

  • Parasol extracts with high moisture content and antioxidant effects help protect skin from fine dust-induced skin disorders
  • "Water content of flat-blueness - 78%"

How to use